Volker M. Welter


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Professor of History of Art & Architecture


Volker M. Welter studied architecture at the Technische Universität Berlin and received his Ph.D. in History of Architecture from the University of Edinburgh in 1997. He specializes in the history and theory of architecture and urbanism, the debate about the modern city since the 19th century, historiography of modern architecture, and Zionist/Israeli architecture and urbanism. His research and teaching are shaped by his interest in both the interactions between architectural, philosophical, sociological, and environmental thought and the aesthetics of architecture, especially in relation to theories about both the aesthetic and the perception of nature. Among his publications are 'Artur Glikson, Thinking-Machines and the Planning of Israel', in The City after Patrick Geddes, ed. by Volker M. Welter and James Lawson (Bern, 2000); Biopolis-Patrick Geddes and the City of Life (MIT Press, 2002), 'Ernst L Freud-Domestic Architect' in Arts in Exile in Britain 1933-1945. Politics, and Cultural Identity, The Yearbook of the Research Center for German and Austrian Exile Studies, vol. 6 (Amsterdam and New York, 2004), and 'The 1925 Master Plan for Tel Aviv by Patrick Geddes', in Israel Studies, 14:3 (2009). His study on the architect son of Sigmund Freud, Ernst L. Freud, Architect, and the Case of the Modern Bourgeois Home (Oxford/New York: Berghahn Books), is scheduled to be published in late 2011.